Spread the Risk

No matter the politics, no matter the economic status, All countries are in need of Oil. The Major U.S. Oil Companies when drilling offshore and in other countries form Limited Partnerships to hedge political risk. Companies and individuals here in the states form Limited Partnerships to hedge the financial risk.

Some companies put Limited partnerships together with individuals then combining with other oil companies. Information about these companies can be found in DrillReport email news.

Green Stuff Quite often when looking at Limited Partnerships the scope of information is beyond our own recources. Drilldata understands this and has put together a program for individual investors for a flat fee to generate information about the project in hand. There are numberous sources both puplic and proprietary that drilldata can provide to validate and confirm information. Although Drill data is not endorsing the project, or company, this gives the investor more to evaluate prospects.

Limited Partnerships are Profitable

Like anything successful in the business realm it is still about getting in the right Partnership at the right time with the right company. Although there is no set way there is a little more piece of mind going with drill data and drill report with no obligation to get more informed. .

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